Submission by 689 Cellars


Submission is the newest edition to the 689 Cellars portfolio, a joint venture between The Premier Wine Group, a well known marketing agent specializing in North Coast wines from Napa and Sonoma and long-time Napa winemaker, Kent Rasmussen.

It is said in Chinese culture that the numbers SIX EIGHT & NINE are considered to be lucky or positive numbers. The owners of SIX EIGHT & NINE cellars have traveled through the Far East and experienced this to be true. The winery is named after these numbers in respect for and in tribute to the positive forces each represents. Similar to the interwoven numbers in the logo, the wines reflect separate elements coming together into one balanced and harmonious whole. The number “6” in Chinese culture represents happiness or fluidity. It allows us to flow through life with positive thoughts and energy and is also associated with luck and success in the business world. The number “8” in Chinese culture represents wealth or prosperity. The perfect symmetry of the number implies limitless possibilities and evokes balance and enlightenment. The number “9” in Chinese culture represents longevity or eternity. Traditionally associated with emperors, the largest single digit is believed to be the luckiest of numbers and inspires harmony and balance in life.

689 Cellars takes the meaning of cost performance to an extreme. Their connections with outstanding growers across California provide them with outstanding quality grapes that truly stand a cut above the norm. For quality this high, many would expect it could only come from high end AVAs. Submission is a testament to fine quality of grapes found not only in Napa and Sonoma but also Paso Robles and Monterey too. While others might cut costs by using more stainless-steel aging and less new oak, this wine boasts 30% new French oak at an unbelievable price.


Country America
Region California Wine
Appellation California, Napa Valley

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