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Ledge Vineyards didn’t start out as a vineyard at all. Actually, it was Mark Adams' parents who decided to settle in the western hills of Paso Robles in the mid-1970s to build a small ranch to raise some cattle and grow some crops. That is where Mark was raised, but it was not long until he decided to leave to pursue a music career off in glamorous Los Angeles.

In time, Mark got the itch to return home to convince his father to let him take over the ranch, but not for cattle farming. He wanted to plant grapes. His father agreed and Mark’s weekend commutes home began to slowly transform the ranch into a vineyard, quite literally with his own two hands. After several years of hard work, the ranch was ready to become a vineyard in 2005.

Part of Mark’s itch to return home was likely the influence of his childhood friend Justin Smith. Justin’s family founded the James Berry Vineyard in the early 80’s on the ridge just opposite them, just less than a mile away. Justin has become a well-known winemaker with his own Brand Saxum and gave Mark a job to get him started in winemaking.

Mark was able to collect thousands of Estrella Syrah cuttings from the James Berry Vineyard which also included a small amount of Alban clones of Grenache and Mourvedre. These cuttings became the first plantings in 2005.

The Adams Ranch Vineyard sits on sand and clay soils and is remarkably flat given the surrounding terrain of undulating hills typical of west Paso. On its eastern edge, it ends in a dramatic drop-off, hence the name “Ledge.”

The Adams Ranch Vineyard, which is entirely own-rooted, is largely dry farmed and now the vineyard is a robust 15 acres planted to Syrah, Grenache, Roussanne, Mourvédre, Cinsault and Counoise.


Mark Adams
Mark Adams
Country America
Region California Wine
Appellation Paso Robles

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