Ca'Momi Heartcraft Sparkling Rose & Spring Rolls

Wednesday, July 29, 2020 | Sparkling

Nama Harumaki & Ca'Momi Rose

Gorgeous spring rolls with just a few, simple ingredients. They are a great addition to everyday meals and an excellent appetizer for parties and entertaining. Using prepacked boiled shrimp and cooked chicken will save you some time to concentrate on the all important fold and roll technique for prefect presentation. Paired with Ca'Momi Sparkling Rose, you have a great way to start off an evening.

(4 people/cooking time: 15 minutes)

4 sheets of rice paper
16 small boiled shrimp
A cooked chicken 50g
A 20g of dry vermicelli
A 1/2 cucumber
A 2 leaves of sunny lettuce
A Coriander leaves
Thai Sweet chili sauce for dipping

1. Boil the vermicelli and drain under cold water. Cut the chicken into pieces by hand. Cut the cucumber into strips and tear the sunny lettuce into pieces.

2. Quickly dip a sheet of rice paper into a bowl of water and then place it on top of a damp kitchen paper towel.

3. Place quarter amount of [A] horizontally on the front part of the rice paper nearst you and line up 4 shrimps direclty in back. Fold of the left and right sides of paper at a right angles to the inside and, while pressing down on the ingredients in front of you, roll the rice paper from the front to the back. Fold in and roll up the shrimp as you roll them in. Make the remaining 3 in the same way.

4. Cut in half and serve with sweet chili sauce for dipping.

After dipping the rice paper in water, wrap it quickly. The key is to roll the rice paper tightly, pressing down on the ingredients. By lining up the shrimp at the back of the roll and wrapping it up last, the shrimp will come to the surface and create a colorful finish.

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