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Submission Red with Tomato Sukiyaki

This gorgeous sukiyaki with tomatoes and a blend of mainly Zinfandel brings out the flavor of the meat and vegetables. Add a bit of Zinfandel to the broth for a more enjoyable pairing.

Groundwork Mourvedre with Chicken in Tomato Sauce

Mourvedre is a varietal that doesn't often come to mind when thinking of California. However, over in the Rhone Valley, it is one of the major varieties. It is often blended with Syrah and other varieties. It is a very charming red wine with profound aromas of its own. It is not too heavy and can accompany a variety of dishes, so it's the perfect choice with stewed dishes where the quality of the ingredients show through. This dish is a simple chicken stew with tomatoes, using chicken thighs and onions. For the red wine ingredient, you can use Groundwork Mourvedre. This dish does well made in advance allowing for the flavors to deepen over a bit of time. That being said, any leftovers are great too.

Firestone Cabernet Sauvignon with Braised Pork

Firestone Cabernet Sauvignon dark cherry and plum notes pair well with this rich, braised pork accented with star anise. Lightly grilling the surface of the pork beforehand makes it more fragrant and juicy and removes excess fat. Boiling the pork in rice water gives it a soft and fluffy texture without the need for a pressure cooker. Often left to soak up the flavors overnight, this recipe is boiled down so that it is ready to eat right away. The addition of Shaoxing wine adds depth of flavor. The cook time is long, but it's mostly just simmering time. The actual prep time is short.

Incredible Red & Smoked Cheese Okonomiyaki

The baking spice aromas of this Zinfandel interplay well with the savory okonomiyaki sauce. The melted smoked cheese is addictive. Adding nagaimo (taro root) makes the batter fluffy. Mix the batter just before grilling, as the vegetables will release moisture as time passes. Enjoy the unique flavors of the smoked cheese and okonomiyaki sauce with the wine in place of the typical mayonnaise.

The Supernatural Sauvignon Blanc & Spicy Chicken

The unique spicy notes in the Supernatural Sauvignon Blanc play off the melange of spices in this quick and easy chicken dish. The more you bite into this chicken, the better it tastes. The spiciness of the Ichimi Toagashi powder is the perfect accent to this dish. The yogurt rubbed into the chicken helps to tenderize it. Serve with a squeeze of lemon for extra punch.

Alta Maria Sauvignon Blanc & Chicory and Prosciutto Appetizer

It's hot and humid, but this sligtly bitter chicory salad matched with a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc will make you sweat go away. This is a simple appetizer made with bittersweet chicory and topped with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese. The salty, cured ham and spicy daikon sprouts accent the dish. Serve with a drizzle of olive oil. Great as a snack when you want to have a light drink or as an appetizer for parties or entertaining.

Ca'Momi Heartcraft Sparkling Rose & Spring Rolls

Gorgeous spring rolls with just a few, simple ingredients. They are a great addition to everyday meals and an excellent appetizer for parties and entertaining. Using prepacked boiled shrimp and cooked chicken will save you some time to concentrate on the all important fold and roll technique for prefect presentation. Paired with Ca'Momi Sparkling Rose, you have a great way to start off an evening.

Field Recordings Chenin & Corn Kakiage

The crispy texture and mouthwatering aroma of corn. This simple corn kakiage (fritter) is perfect for a snappy white wine and our newest Chenin from Field Recordings fits the bill. Adding a bit of potato starch to the batter keeps these crispy for a long time. The key to good frying is to not touch them except when turning them over.

Whitehall Lane Tre Leoni & Savory Meatballs

Savory on the outside, juicy on the inside. These meatballs are mixed with chopped almonds and black olives to jazz up the texture and match with the darker notes of Whitehall Lane's Tre Leoni. Served with a quick and easy homemade sauce made with a dash of red wine (you are going to have to part with a bit of Tre Leoni for this one).