Sans Liege Mollydooker
Ca'Momi Stolpman Vineyards
Field Recordings Chenin & Corn Kakiage

The crispy texture and mouthwatering aroma of corn. This simple corn kakiage (fritter) is perfect for a snappy white wine and our newest Chenin from Field Recordings fits the bill. Adding a bit of potato starch to the batter keeps these crispy for a long time. The key to good frying is to not touch them except when turning them over.

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Whitehall Lane Tre Leoni & Savory Meatballs

Savory on the outside, juicy on the inside. These meatballs are mixed with chopped almonds and black olives to jazz up the texture and match with the darker notes of Whitehall Lane's Tre Leoni. Served with a quick and easy homemade sauce made with a dash of red wine (you are going to have to part with a bit of Tre Leoni for this one).

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