Sans Liege Mollydooker
Ca'Momi Stolpman Vineyards
The Supernatural Sauvignon Blanc & Spicy Chicken

The unique spicy notes in the Supernatural Sauvignon Blanc play off the melange of spices in this quick and easy chicken dish. The more you bite into this chicken, the better it tastes. The spiciness of the Ichimi Toagashi powder is the perfect accent to this dish. The yogurt rubbed into the chicken helps to tenderize it. Serve with a squeeze of lemon for extra punch.

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Incredible Red & Smoked Cheese Okonomiyaki
In recipe 10 October 2020

The baking spice aromas of this Zinfandel interplay well with the savory okonomiyaki sauce. The melted smoked cheese is addictive. Adding nagaimo (taro root) makes the batter fluffy. Mix the batter just before grilling, as the vegetables will release moisture as time passes. Enjoy the unique flavors of the smoked cheese and okonomiyaki sauce with the wine in place of the typical mayonnaise.

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