About Us

Japan’s Premium Wine Marketing & Distribution Company

Iconic Wine Japan (IWJ) is an importer of fine wines based in the Tokyo metropolitan area. We offer comprehensive marketing and distribution support to extend our partner brands into the Japanese market. Our operations are designed to be efficient and effective in order to deliver the greatest value to consumers.

We specialize in representing wine brands that desire strong and consistent representation in the Japanese market. We are a family owned business and seek to represent wineries who value the time and effort it takes to produce something great. With each brand it represents, IWJ enters into a partnership focused on long term growth.

Our partners have labored long and hard to produce the best products they can. In bringing that labor of love to Japan, IWJ carefully selects its logistic partners to insure that products are transported, stored and delivered under ideal conditions insuring that the end users can enjoy their wine just as the winemakers intended it to be.

Building brand awareness is an integral part of our mission. Our commitment to mutual success can be recognized readily by our partners through our solid marketing, public relations and proactive sales approach. Each brand represented by IWJ can be assured that their brand integrity is preserved in IWJ’s localization efforts.

The brands IWJ represents are sold to select distributors, top class restaurants, leading hotels and exclusive wine shops nationwide. Through IWJ’s consumer website, we are able to reach wine lovers even in the far reaches of Japan using Japan’s amazing distribution system that allows low cost, year round temperature controlled shipments.

IWJ endeavors to be recognized as one of the leading fine wine specialists in the Japanese market.


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