Wineries producing Monterey wines

Austerity Wine

The name Austerity refers to going back to basics in the winemaking process, discarding all the unnecessary frills and approaching wine with a focus on grape quality and sincerity. The Austerity Pinot Noir uses grapes from the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA, a particularly well-known area of Monterey. Santa Lucia Highlands, home of many renowned wi ...

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Hug Cellars

For Edgar Torres, who came to the US with his family from Mexico when he was 8, developing his own brand of wine was a realization of a true American dream. Torres first became interested in wine when he worked as a waiter at a restaurant in the wine country. His first steps as a ‘cellar rat’ (a slang term used in the industry) hav ...

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Morgan Winery

With more than thirty years’ experience, Dan Lee and the Morgan label have been synonymous with artisan, vineyard-centric wines from the Santa Lucia Highlands and Monterey. Coming from a small town in California’s Central Valley, Dan Morgan Lee had prepared initially for the study of veterinary medicine at the University of Cali ...

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